Best Water Parks in Moscow

While Moscow is home to a wealth of tourist attractions, Moscow’s waterparks are the ones that keep on bringing visitors back from time to time. Like other places, Moscow has many places to visit where people can go and enjoy. Water parks & amusement parks are amongst them.

There are many water parks in Moscow, but there are some special choices of people and hence they are very popular. While planning for a trip to Moscow you must add one of these in your list.

Kva – Kva Park

Kva-Park, Russia

It is one of the best water parks in Moscow and it is located just outside the Moscow ring- road. It is an indoor water park which is facilitated with numerous water slides for both children and adults.

Along with the water slides, It has seven slides ranging from 90 to 120 meters long, the swimming pool generates waves, simulating the sea, beaches, and consistently warm weather.

The Entry fee varies from 350 rubles for small children up to 3000 rubles for adults, depending on the day of the week, and time of the day you are visiting.

Moreon water park

Moreon Water Park

It is located near Golubinskaya Ulitsa. Where you can enjoy with the wave pools, water slides and thermal baths which will make your whole family squealing with delight.

Whether you spend time on the cafe’s, work for your fitness, delight yourself in the spa or have fun in the bowling lounge they guarantee you a fun time.

The Entry fee varies from 490 Rubles to 3000 Rubles, Depending on the activities. Also, note the kids (up to 150 cm) can enter free of cost.

Aqua Fantasy water park

Aqua Fantasy,Russia

This water park provides you with approximately 5 slides, a wave pool and a kind of swimming pool in which children float and play.

In addition to the pool facilities and other activities, a car-racing track, prize machines, a pool table, bowling, a 6D movie theatre, ping-pong, and numerous cafés are also located in the building.

The Entry fee varies from 300 Rubles to 2500 Rubles. Depending on the activities you are opting.



It is a family water park which offers various rides, swimming pools and water slides for visitors of all ages. The waterpark offers spa treatments, saunas, and baths, 12-lanes bowling alley, pool, Russian billiards, ping-pong tables, darts and game arcade.

The Entry fee varies from 650 Rubles to 3200 Rubles, depending on the day of the week, and time of the day you are visiting.


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