Travel Guide to Seychelles

Seychelles is one of the best travel destinations in the world. There are many reasons why Seychelles is so popular, as it offers a warm climate, beautiful beaches, unique sights, delicious seafood and lots of history. All of that on a remote, exotic place, creates the perfect atmosphere for a gateway. Before you go and book a holiday trip to Seychelles, you must go through our travel guide to Seychelles and plan your trip. Seychelles is blessed with some of the astonishing islands with a tropic climate during the whole year. This is why many people like to spend the winter on the islands.

Perfect Time to visit Seychelles:

The dry season of April to October offers a lot of activities like snorkeling, diving, and surfing. Also for the bird lovers, this season is the best as birds breed in this season that offers an amazing sight. Seychelles is home to some of the rarest endemic birds and animals in the world. It is also best to explore the mountains and be adventurous. Considering whether your baggage should be full of swimwear, loose-fitting clothes and opened-toe shoes. Just be prepared for the sun and don’t forget to bring sunscreens but also a hat for protection from heat.

You will be impressed by the ruling calmness, the smiling people and the local markets. The markets offer a vast diversity of locally produced fruits and vegetables as well as seafood. For example, there are around 23 different kinds of bananas on Seychelles and the locals use them for all kinds of meals.

How to Reach Seychelles:

The most convenient way to reach the islands is by plane. There are several cities like Doha, Dubai, and Nairobi which offer connecting flights. Most of the time the planes land in the capital city, Victoria or Mahe. For Booking or travel guide to Seychelles, you can visit Holiday Me.

Seychellois Currency:

Seychellois Rupees (SCR) is their official currency. The exchange rate is 1 SCR= 0,6 EUR or 0.74 USD (today), it’s preferable to exchange some in advance instead of doing it in the airport. ATMs are easy to find but buying currency may be more expensive and also shopping in euro or dollars too.


Transportation in Seychelles:

The transport on the islands itself is limited to taxis or public transport. The taxis are quite expensive which is why it’s not a good idea. On the other hand, public transport is extremely cheap around two dollars or two euros. They are fairly frequent and drive around the whole island which offers a very cheap tour. Their only drawback is that they are pretty old and driven very fast, but this adds up to the experience.

All about Hotels:

The hotels in Seychelles are pretty small with only one or two floors and offer a very classy and comfortable atmosphere. Visitors can also stay in houses or bungalows right on the seaside. Staying in an apartment is also an option, they cost around a thousand dollars a month and pride themselves with their frontline position with an amazing view.


What to Speak:

There are three spoken languages in the country namely, French, English, and Creole. The local language Creole is, in fact, a mixture of languages most often English and French. If you are not that good on learning new languages try to hire a guide whenever you are on a trip to Seychelles.

Back to History:

The beaches are not the only remarkable things on Seychelles. The local culture is also very welcoming and exotic. The country was discovered by the French in 1768. After that, they have been passed as a colony between the English and French and finally, in 1976 have gained their independence from the United Kingdom.

The European colonization brought it to live and gave it its name “Creole” comes from the Latin word “create”. The memory of the ruling of the two countries is kept in the architecture of the capital too. The best way to get to know the locals and dive into their culture is to explore Victoria which is, in fact, the smallest capital in the world.


Taste Matters:

Their cuisine is also fairly influenced by the French but also the East African ones. There are also traces of Chinese and South Indian cuisine which makes it incredibly multinational. Some of the local specialties are fresh grilled fish that you can find everywhere, coconut or octopus curry, breadfruit (legend has it that everyone who eats it on the island will return), the traditional Satini salad full of finely grated ingredients and ladob.

You can find all of those in the closes traditional Creole restaurant.


What to see?

Talking about local curiosities it’s important to mention the best places to visit. Of course, beaches are the most important and impressive. Some of the best are the Anse Lazio beach on Praslin island and Anse Source d’Argent beach on La Digue island. The botanic garden is definitely among the top three places a tourist should visit. There you can see the symbol of the country- the fruit Coco de Mer, which grows in two different shapes as a male and as a female genital. The fruit is a very ancient one and is found in only two Seychelles islands.

There you can also meet and feed some giant land tortoise. Actually, the country is home to the heaviest land tortoise living in the wild named Esmeralda. The Vallee de Ma Nature Preserve is the next impressionable location where you can see the one of a kind black parrot living only on Seychelles. Also, there are theories that this is the original Garden of Eden. Lastly, don’t forget to look at the night sky. It is entirely different from the South sky and will certainly enrich your experience.

Overall the guide was based on Personal experience, the places are full of excitement and adventures. there is more to know about Seychelles so have a look at our other writings. Click here

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