4 Best Traditional Jordanian Food

I went on a week long trip to Jordan , where i have tasted some of the most amazing traditional Jordanian Foods.

Jordan Cuisines are full of Levantine flavors. there’s no genuine check for the foremost delicious ancient dishes that the Jordanians pride themselves with.

Here are four popular Jordanian food, which you should never miss:


Jordan’s most illustrious ancient dish and across the country celebrated pride is Mansaf. The terribly fatty dish consists of rice stirred with domestic margarine, cooked with the thick yogurt essence, and is stirred till stewed. Huge lumps of meat square are added to the yogurt and cooked. It can also be cooked with camel,sheep or Chicken meat.

Best Place to Taste

Al-Quds Restaurant, Amman,Jordan

Sufra Restaurant, Amman, Jordan.


2. WARAK ENAB – Stuffed grape leaves

Warak enab is almost everyone’s favorite Jordanian Foods. It is basically grape leaves stuffed with a special dressing of rice and meat, and cooked in a giant pot, sometimes alongside other stuffed vegetables, like aubergines, zucchinis, green peppers. when I was in Jordan I had warak enab a number of times as a mezze dish, usually served cold and with a sour taste from pickled grape leaves. But the best version I had tasted was a home-made meal.

Best Place to Taste

Warak Enab Restaurant, Amman, Jordan.



Molokhia is a rather an odd looking dish that doesn’t quite please the eye on first sight, but will instantly have you head over heels from the first bite. It consists of a green herb, molokhia, cooked until slimy, with rice and chicken aside.You should attempt to have molokhia with a squeeze of lemon juice, and, if daring enough, a small tablespoon of hot chili sauce.

Best Place to Taste

Kababji Jordan, Amman


With the hearty flavors of classic comfort food, maqluba’s drama is all in the presentation. The dish is consisted of rice, chicken, potatoes and vegetables is inverted table side. Maqluba is usually accompanied by either yogurt or Arabic salad – a salad made with cucumbers and tomatoes, diced and marinated in lemon juice and parsley.

Best Place to Taste

Sufra Restaurant, Amman, Jordan

Al Osrah Restaurant, Amman, Jordan


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