Emirati Foods and Desserts

The United Arab Emirates is a culturally rich Country having distinct Traditional Emirati Food. One can’t get away without trying mouthwatering local delicacies which will take you close to the History of the Country.

So let’s check out some of the amazing Emirati Food:

Main Meals :

1. Harees

Al Harees is a traditional Arabic dish consisting of wheat, meat (chicken, lamb) and salt, are cooked together over a low fire, they mixture them and pour into a clay pot and placed in a clay oven or in a specially prepared hole in the ground that is filled with burning coal.
It is nutritionally Rich Food, Recent research also suggests It is Beneficial in prevention obesity, Cardiac Diseases.

Best Places to Taste:

  • Al Fanar Restaurant
  • Milas

2. Machboos:

Machboos is a Special dish of rice crowned with chicken, spices and sometimes dried fruits and nuts. This Dish is specially cooked on big family gatherings. It can be cooked with Chicken, Lamb or Fish. It is a Protein-Rich Food.

Best Place to Taste:

  •   Al Fanar Restaurant
  •  Seven Sands

   Desserts :

1. Khanfaroush :

Khanfaroush is little Shaped Cakes prepared from dried ground rice or flour and is mixed with cardamom, saffron, rosewater, eggs, and sugar.

Best Place to Taste :

  • Logma
  • Smat
  • Al fanar restaurant

2. Luqaimat :

It is a traditional dessert, a kind of Sweet doughnuts that are covered with Honey. In Arab Tradition, Luqaimat is Very famous while in Holy Ramadan Month.

Best Place to Taste :

  • Logma
  •  Smat
  • Al fanar restaurant

3. Chabab :

Chabab is a sweet pancake that can be topped with almost anything, usually famous for Breakfast.

Best Place to Taste :

  • Logma
  • Smat
  • Al fanar restaurant


Try Once if you are planning for a trip to Dubai


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