Awesome Things To Do in Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in the world which is equivalent to more than 50 soccer fields.

The Dubai Mall offers an unparalleled retail mix combined with world-class dining, entertainment, and leisure attractions. Fashion Avenue, the precinct dedicated to high fashion now expanded positions. The Dubai Mall as the fashion capital for the Middle East. One of the mall’s unique attraction is an open-air street space, The Village that offers a rich collection of denim brands and brings an outdoor community feel with tree-lined walkways, cafes, and restaurants.

So let’s move ahead and see the things to do in Dubai Mall:






It is the one of its kind aquarium cum underwater Zoo, where you can see more than thousands of the marine animals on display with a 270-degree walk through tunnel and also you can dive inside with the submersible simulator to watch out 140 Species and over 300 Sharks and Rays.








Turn your imagination real with upside-down at VR Park, virtual reality and augmented reality theme park in The Dubai Mall. There is a total of 18 Separate Attractions found inside the VR Park, you’ll be taken to distant planets, the distant future.










Dubai Ice Rink is Olympic-sized ice staking at Dubai Mall. You can do Public Skating which runs in a slot of 1 hr and 45 mins, A Skating coach is also available for your assistance. A free seating area is provided apart from that disco sessions are also held in the evening.








The Waterfall runs through the entire height of the mall, traversing all four levels. You can also see the artistic sculptures of human divers with their hands spreading side ward, appearing to plunge downwards with the waterfall. You can also experience a rhythmic water flow that creates an animated visual spectrum. well, it is an interesting meeting point too with friends and family.









The Mall is calling it the new home of luxury. Indeed it is with more than 150 luxurious brands. Apart from that, you can get to see stunning architecture, interesting art, and stylish decor. The venue has a hydraulic twenty-meter catwalk, where you can watch fashion shows, product launches, etc.






Dubai Mall is one for the fashion and adventure lover, Shopaholic People.

So if you are planning to visit Dubai one of these days, make it a point to drop.

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