8 Best Places to Visit in Dammam

Dammam is a city in Saudi Arabia trying to conquer its place in the world’s best tourist places. Well, the city will not disappoint as there are many things to do and many places to visit in Dammam. From beaches to parks, museums and mountains, the diversity of the places, the city has to offer are great.And that’s why Damman will conquer your heart forever, for its uniqueness and fun moments that you will enjoy for sure. There is a wide selection of places to visit in Dammam and choosing is hard.

So here you find the list of places to visit in Damman that you must see for yourself

1. Muraikabat Mountain Park

Muraikabat Mountain Park

Ariel View of Muraikabat Mountain Park

There are several things you can do at Muraikabat Mountain Park besides enjoying the mountain view. The mountain park is full of fun activities like exercising in a mountain trail 2km long, play in the playgrounds with soft grass, or even just sit and relax in one of the park’s benches.

2. Heritage Village dammam

Heritage Village

View of a small castle like architect inside Heritage Village

A great place to learn, live, and breathe the authentic Saudi culture. From knowledge to their cuisine, this is a place to connect with the Dammam history.

3. Murjan Island


Entrance to Murjan Island, Dammam

Murjan island is also known as Coral island is a group of 4 coral shaped man-made islands.

On the island, you will find several resorts, beaches, and perfect picnic spots to enjoy.A relaxing day away from the bustling city. You can also enjoy a relaxing ambiance while fishing.

4. Dolphin Village

dolphin village

Ariel View of Dolphin Village

Located at the entrance of Coral Island or Murjan Island, this air-conditioned lounge boasts dolphins and seal shows that offer great fun for family and friends.

5. Half Moon Bay

half moon bay

Magnificent Sunset @ Half moon Bay

Half moon bay is one of the most desired beach areas of Saudi Arabia for its clear blue water and white sand. At half moon bay, besides sunbathing, you can enjoy many activities to entertain all the family, such as an amusement park and an artificial reef, which was constructed for diving explorations.

6. Alkhleej Makarim Village

al khaleejj village

Ariel View of Al Khaleej Makarim village @ Dammam

Alkhleej Makarim Village is located at half moon bay. This is a very famous village for one particular thing: it has the most luxurious resorts in the entirety of Saudi Arabia.

7. Dammam Corniche

dammam chornice

Ariel View of Water front @ Dammam

Dammam corniche is a seafront place to enjoy the splendid view of the surrounding sea and cultural and historical sights at the same time. It is a great relaxation spot filled with lush green areas and a panoramic view. Here you can also find private clubs that offer many activities to tourists like water sports for instance.

8. King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture

King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture

Ariel view of King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, Dammam

Just the building itself is worth a visit for architecture lovers. This museum inaugurated in 2007 definitely stands out due to its silhouette. The cultural center has a rather interesting shape that can’t go unnoticed. It is an architectural delight. It was built to promote cultural development within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The museum has diverse facilities, including an auditorium, library, cinema, exhibition hall, and archive besides the museum itself. The auditorium is the place for a wide range of events ranging from opera, symphony concerts, musicals, and speeches, etc.

Be ready to surrender to dammam and its unforgettable beauty.

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