Jordanian Desserts

The Arab province of Jordan which has a rich cultural history that goes back to the paleolithic age. It is also a spot referred for the most luscious pastries on world. Jordanian Desserts are so gently arranged and their taste is simply so fine that they would leave your mouth-watering.

Here are some of the finest Jordanian desserts that i had tasted and would refer to you all:


Kanafeh as it is locally known dessert, it is the foothold as one of the most popular traditional dessert of Jordan.This is basically a dish, comprising of a layer of fresh baked crisp pastry, shaped like thin crunchy tendrils that resemble vermicelli, with a layer of delicate cake with a topping of soft white cheese, and topped secured with sugar syrup. The combination of crispy pastry with soft melted cheese of salt taste and sweetness makes it particularly well known in winter.


Warbat is a crunchy layers of pastry filled with a creamy custard and which are baked until golden. Then a layer of sugar syrup which is flavored with rose water or orange blossom water. Which is later topped with pistachios or almonds. The flavors of warbat is so sweet, so it is recommended to pair it with a cup of strong Arabic coffee.


Basbousa is actually a syrupy semolina “cake,” with a prominent rich buttery flavor, as a mark it is agreeably sandy surface, made excessively clammy with a liberal shower of sugar syrup. The search for the perfect babousa one which is super soft, dense and melt in the mouth end up here in Jordan.


One of my favorite desserts from Traditional Jordanian Food, these are white rolls velvety and almost melt in your mouth. They are delicately flavored with orange blossom water, the creaminess from the filling is beautifully balanced by the nuttiness of the pistachios.


Awameh were actually too sweet for me, which says a lot. They’re small fried pastries soaked in syrup or honey that in turn creates a hard crust. One after a big meal is a nice finish.




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