Jordan Culture and Traditions

Jordan Culture and Jordan Traditions

Jordan Culture and its traditions are lovely blend of new and old way of life. whereas Amman (Capital) has quickly turned out to be a standout among the most advanced urban cities in the Middle East.

Jordan has diverse Communities with a wide range of ethnic groups living in this little nation where 95% of Jordanian’s are either Bedouin and Palestinian origins.

And the rest of the 5% originated from various ethnic such as Circassians, Chechens, Armenians, and Kurds. It is an Muslim Country where Islam is the major practices of religion,Yet almost 10% of the population practice Christianity.

Here are some of the deep-rooted Jordan Culture & Jordan Traditions.


Meeting local people for a cup of tea or coffee can be a wonderful way to learn more about local culture.

If you are invited yet you are unable to attend, then it is perfectly acceptable to decline. Just a broad smile with your head lowered, your right hand over your heart and say “shukran shukran. Using Polite body language with a smile is an important way to win the heart of Jordanians. Well, in Jordanian Culture People shakes hand much more than in the Western Countries.

If you are a Photo freak its important for you to take a note. Always ask for permission before you photograph women in any context, even in the streets.


The family is an central importance to Jordanian life. So the rural life revolves around the extended family, agricultural livelihood and hospitality.

On the other hand urban life enjoy all aspects of modern, popular culture, from theatrical productions to musical concerts and operas. Most of the major towns have movie theaters that offer both Arab and foreign films.

Ladies in Jordan enjoy considerably more freedom compared to many other countries in the region.

Family outing and Friends gathering is a must on weekends.








One of the best-known groups from Jordan’s population is the Bedouin.The ”Bedu”, word is derived from an Arabic word which says “desert dwellers,” who endure the desert and have learned to survive its unforgiving climate.

Whereas the majority of Jordan’s population is of Bedouin origin. Moreover Bedouin’s Culture and Tradition are so old, that they are often marked as stereotyped who keeps on constantly wandering around the desert in search of water and food for their families.

Bedouins are most famous for their hospitality, and it is a part of their creed rooted in the harshness of desert life that no travelers are turned away.











Jordan was the only Arab state to grant all Palestinians the right to Jordanian citizenship and many have exercised that option playing an important part in the political and economic life of Jordan. Palestinian & Jordanians have contributed greatly to the health and prosperity of the country.Moreover culturally both Jordan and Palestine are same.














The Circassians are a non-Arab Islamic people originally from the Caucasus region of western Asia. The Circassian Jordanians are well-educated people who are continuously playing an important role in Jordan’s political, economic and social life, regardless of their numbers.

Circassian culture places a strong emphasis on respect for the elderly and closely-knit extended families. When it comes to honesty Circassians are known for it.Moreover  Jordanian Circassians constitute King Hussein’s ceremonial guard.














A voyage into the Jordanian art starts from there Traditional architecture which takes you back on history. Decorative design on stone and glasses are the best things to look on and their handicrafts show the value of there culture which can make you in love with Jordan way of Life.

The abstract painting and sculpture that Elaborate calligraphy and geometric designs often enhance manuscripts and mosques Interior and Exterior Designing. Traditional visual arts survive in works of tapestry, embroidery, leather, pottery, and ceramics, etc.

Art lovers will find many galleries dotted mostly in and around the areas of Jabal Al Weidbdeh and Jabal Amman.


Click on the highlighted area to get an detail taste of the traditional Jordanian food.



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