Best Places To Do Hiking in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Hiking in Riyadh might be an experience of a lifetime. The capital city of Saudi Arabia offers very unique and different types of landscapes that are overwhelming in nature. Several hiking trails can be done in Riyadh and the best of all is that the landscapes are one of the kind, unexpected and mesmerizing view all across the deserted area around you.

Here we go with the best and most loved hiking spots for trails in and around Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Gubaloovka OHV Trail

Gubaloovka OHV Trail

A 4×4 drives on the trail routes

Near the city of Riyadh, you will find the Gubaloovka OHV trail. It is a moderate trail that is mostly used for camping, scenic views, off-road driving. You can plan to go to Gubaloovka OHV Trail all year round. You can also do it on a 4×4 drive while you experience the most stunning area off Riyadh.

Al Waseel Amariyah

Al Waseel Amariyah

off road rider @ saudi arabian desert

This trail is a 15.6-mile route located near Diriyah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Its difficulty and it is rated as hard due to its elevation.

Riyadh Camel Trade way

Riyadh Camel Trade way

Ariel view of Camel trade route, Riyadh

Also nearby the city, you will find Riyadh Camel Trade way, a 5.72 miles trail that will surprise you for its unique beauty. A route once used by camels to transport goods within the Kingdom.

Edge of the World

Edge of the world

Side of the named edge of the world in Saudi Arabia

The Edge of the World is  120 km far from Riyadh, It is one of the most known trails in Saudi Arabia, so it must be on your list. This unique landscape is mesmerizing unlike any other on Earth. It is an easy trail in winter but quite hard during summertime. The Edge of the world is one of the most iconic landscapes of the Middle East.

Red Sand Dunes


View of Red-Sand-Dunes

Another must-do trail in Riyadh is to the red dunes. Some people say it is dangerous but worthy. You can ride a motor and have fun in your way. The landscapes are instra worthy which will make you feel a one of the kind experience that Saudi’s desert will give you.

Qwafil Trail

Qwafil Trail

View of Qwafil Trail

A hike to Tuwaiq Mountains can make your experience more vivid, Qwafil Trail is one of the trails that allows you to explore the Valley. It is considered as Riyadh’s Grand Canyon and It has two levels; the easy trail for newbies, and the hard one for those who are more experienced and not afraid of adventure.

As you can see, there are many places for hiking in riyadh as well as trekking spots, from easy ones to tougher ones, but all of them with incredible landscape scenery. This desert is a must-visit and you can expect to have a lot of fun.

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