Desert Safari in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Is desert safari one of the items in your bucket list? Well, then you must visit Saudi Arabia for that. Desert safari in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia will definitely give you the experience of a lifetime. If you think that a desert is nothing more than sand, you couldn’t be more wrong then anything. Deserts in Riyadh has so many different landscapes and vegetation, that you would be overwhelmed.

From the famous red sand dunes, the majestic Tuwaiq escarpment, or desert lakes, there’s always some surprising desert safari spots in Riyadh as well as hiking spots in Riyadh.
These are some of the best experiences you might have in Saudi Arabia, and they are in the desert.

Here we go with the best spots & things to do while you are in a desert safari in Riyadh & nearby :

Edge of the World

Edge of the world

Side of the named edge of the world in Saudi Arabia

This might be the most iconic landscape of Saudi Arabia’s deserts. It’s a hidden treasure full of breathtaking views, places to explore, and never-ending wilderness in the middle of the desert. It is the perfect spot for adventure seekers and hiking lovers. 120 km away from Riyadh the Edge of the World is a must-visit where you can go for safari or camel ride too.

Red Sand Dunes

Red sand dunes

Desert Safari

Just about 20 min drive from Riyadh is the red sand dunes, a stunning area surrounded by mountains. It is a popular area to be explored by quad bikes that you can easily rent. This way you can explore your own way the red sand dunes. Even you can go for safari too,here is a place where stereotype ends, actually in a way mixed gender gathering can be seen.

Acacia Valley

Acacia Valley

Vegetated Desert in Acacia Valley

On the way to the Edge of the World is Acacia valley, the perfect place to camp. Who never dreamed of a night spent at the desert watching the stars and enjoying the silence around you? Acacia valley is the perfect place to have that experience and enjoy the desert to its fullest. Stargazing in the desert is particularly wonderful as the sky shines very bright.

Dirab Horse riding

Horse Ridding

Horseback riding in the desert is also a possibility and one of its kind experience. At the Dirab Golf and country club they have an extensive area that can be explored on a horse. The views of the desert is amazingly beautiful where you can have a lots of fun.

Desert Lakes in wadi hanifa

Desert Lakes

Lake formed by rainwater

Well a desert safari can end up into a place where after some heavy rains it is possible to find recently formed desert lakes that stand like an oasis in the middle of sand dunes. They usually form in the valleys of Wadi Hanifa and are a wonderful unexpected sight to visit and look around.

Desert Fossils hunt

Desert Fossils hunt

Another intriguing experience you might have in Riyadh’s desert is go hunting for sharks’ teeth and not only. As Saudi-Arabia used to be a part of the bottom of the ocean over 50 million years ago, you can’t be surprised to find a seashell in the middle of the desert. But there is a place around Khurais where you can find sharks’ teeth.

Flower Fields of Red Sands

Flower Fields of Red Sands

Blooming Yellow flowers in desert

Who would imagine that during Springtime the desert is filled with wildflowers? It’s true. They grow in the sand dunes and you can find such an unique landscape just 20 minutes away from Riyadh.

The King’s Forest ( Rawdhat Kuraim)

The King’s Forest

Forested Roadway

The King’s Forest is one of the largest areas in the desert that have lush vegetation and green areas with plenty of flowers. Just outside Riyadh is Rawdhat Kuraim also known as the King’s forest. A surprising area that can be particularly colorful on a rainy year.

Thumamah National Park

Thumamah National Park

This national park is situated north of the city and is one of the best places to rent quad bikes and roar through the rolling dunes. It’s also a great place to enjoy camel and horse rides! Here you can also rent a traditional Saudi style Bedouin tent campsite, visit the King Khalid Wildlife Center, or go flying in a small aircraft over the escarpment.

Nofa Wildlife safari

Nofa Wildlife Park

Nofa wildlife park is a great way to spend some time out of the city of Riyadh enjoying the company of very well-treated animals. Seeing giraffes in the red sand dunes is quite a unique sight. This safari is open to the public since 2017. Also note that in order to visit  Nofa safari, you have to schedule in advance.

These are one of the kinds of experience that only Saudi Arabia & a desert safari especially in Riyadh can provide, with landscapes found nowhere else in the world. Arabian deserts are the mystic places full of surprises that you will never regret discovering them on your way.

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