Best time to visit Jordan

To find out the best time to visit Jordan, we should always think about the weather, the best events, and top festivals happening in the country.You might also want not to visit the country during the national holidays as some of tourist attractions might be closed to visitors.

Having all these aspects in mind, you can make your own decision and think when is it possible for you to travel to Jordan. Don’t forget that choosing the most appropriate time is very important as it will change your complete experience in Jordan.


Spring Season in Amman, Jordan


The best months to visit Jordan are March to May during Spring, and September to November during Autumn.

During these months, the temperatures are very appealing and you don’t have to bear the excruciating temperatures of Summer days or experience lower temperatures and rain during Winter.

Jordan might be a small country but it has different landscapes that can be influenced the weather.That way, temperatures might vary from place to place, but in general, Jordan is a year-round destination.

For example, to dive in Aqaba, the best time is September, October, and early November. When water is warm at around 26°C, and marine life is abundant during this time.


When sun decided to evaporate Dead Sea #warm-weather

For a beach holiday on the Red Sea’s coast, the best months are April, and from mid-October to mid-November, because Summer is way too hot and you don’t want to sunbathe when the temperatures are higher than 40ºC.

On the other hand, Winter on the coast is very mild and sunny, so it can be pleasant, although the sea is cold as well as the nighttime.

Winter in Jordan

Covered with snow

The country has four seasons so it is not hot all the year around. In Jordan, the climate is usually subtropical arid, with quite cold winters.Spring might be the most popular time to visit Jordan, but Autumn is also a good time because the temperatures are cooling down.Those are the best seasons for trekking in the country, but Spring might have an adds-on in some areas with wildflowers blooming. In Jordan, rainfall is generally scarce, and occur from November to April, with maximum in winter, between December and February.

Spring (March-May)

This might be the most pleasant season to visit Jordan with warm weather and beautiful wildflowers. However, rainfall effectively ends by late April. It’s also during Spring that happens the major event in Jordan: Ramadan. In April there is Amman Dead Sea Ultra Marathon and in May Jordan International Rally. It’s the best time to visit Jordan.

May Jordan Rally

Car participated in a rally competition @ Jordan

Summer (June-September)

Summer is sizzling hot across the country. The only pleasant place to visit during this time is Ajloun, in the hills to the northwest. However, unique events are going on during this season: Perseid Meteor Shower that has its peak by the middle of August, and it is a natural wonder better seen from the Desert.July is the month of a very popular and enriching event: Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts and also the festival Distant Heat (annual concert and dance festival)

Jerash cultural fest

Live Concert @ Jerash Festival

Fall (October-November)

This is also a good time to visit Jordan with pleasant temperatures. It is in October that happens Middle Eastern Dance Festival.

middle eastern dance festi

Winter (December-March)

Winter can be very cold with Sharp winds, but for those seeking sunshine there are some options: Aqaba and the Dead Sea that remain with comfortable temperatures

Dead sea in winter

Besides the weather, you should also have in mind some of the most important events and public holidays because some attractions might be closed at that period of time. So you must look around calendar while you are planing your upcoming trips.

We know how important the weather can be during a trip. It can ruin it, or it can be the perfect reason to enjoy every single moment lived in the country. That’s why the weather should be the first thing to have in mind when deciding to visit any country in the world, not only Jordan.

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