5 Best Social Networks for Travelers

If you are using Social media networking sites/apps for socializing. Then for a travel lover like you can try connecting people around the world by using social networks only for travelers.Nowadays social media sites/apps have indeed become an important part of our life, it may be professional Social networking Sites, Dating or Casual Socializing Sites.

Travelers can also find there travel mates who shares the same interest in travel using related social networks, well keeping them in mind some Social Networking sites for travelers came up with their ideas.

So today we will look at the 5 Best Travel related Social Networking Sites

1. Travello

An efficient way for travelers to connect with other travelers when they arrive at a particular destination. This Site allows you to discover other travelers nearby & meetups with them. Also, you can post your travel updates & photos or interact with other travelers and lots more.

Website : Travello


2. BackPackr

Travel the world while meeting backpackers with the same interest, You can also find other travelers traveling in the same destination with the same interest. To get the best experience of this site or app, you just need to Enter a date and city at the same time Backpacker will show you all the travelers going there at the same time. The results will also show you their interests and if they match yours. So that you can plan to meet or travel together.

Website : Backpackr


3. Tourbar 

This is more or less similar like other dating app, In tourbar you can Meet local singles in your next travel destination, you can also get yourself accompanied with lots of unique memories and experience shared with your partner as a guide.

Website : Tourbar


4. Couchsurfing

Use Couchsurfing to find a place to stay or share your home and hometown with other travelers. Explore the city which you want to visit with experienced Couchsurfers in your area is the best way to explore the trip.

Website : Couchsurfing


5. Bunji

Discover travelers around the world with the same interests and tour destinations. Meet new people who show interest in traveling and request them for Guidance. You can post your memories where your followers can see them on there feeds and a lot more.

Website : Bunji

Bunji App

Well there are many Social media networking sites/apps for travelers, but the above are one of the most feasible ones.

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