Best Snorkeling Spots in Seychelles

Seychelles is a well-known tourist destination, ever wondered why? They are the perfect spot for a holiday- with warm beautiful islands, and mostly isolated. Seychelles offers the amazing underwater view that would make you want to stay there forever and just contemplate the beauty.

What more could anybody want? Of course, for a perfect holiday, you should be able to explore and enjoy yourself. There are plenty of activities to try and to create unforgettable memories, which include diving, kayaking, hiking. Nevertheless, something that you should definitely do while in Seychelles is snorkeling.

Here we go with the best Spots where one can go for snorkeling.

Coco Island


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Under the clear water of Coco island, you can not only be able to see some turtles but also the coral reefs. Above the water, there’s a small, cozy beach between the granite edges.

Felicite Island


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Felicite Island, on the other hand, lacks turtles and eagle rays but can allow you to get close to hump head parrotfish and butterflyfish. It’s also only 4 kilometers away from La Digue which makes it great for a half-day.

Praslin Island


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Praslin Island where you can find one of the most beautiful beaches in the archipelago also has several good spots for snorkeling that don’t look like something special for a far but actually hide amazing underwater life. There can be seen turtles, stingrays, powder blue tang, and even Red-knobbed starfish.

The Mahe island


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is also an extremely popular venue for snorkeling as it has many good spots. It has a very well-preserved coral reef but not only that. Several species angelfish can be seen there. There are three National Parks that are all accessible by boat.

Denis and Bird Island


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They are the most far northern islands in Seychelles. Denis Island is  60 km away from the main island, where you can reach every day by taking a 30-minute flight connecting Mahe and Denis. When it comes to the bird island it is about 30 minutes away from Denis island.

They offer isolated beaches with not only stunning life above the water but also below it. On Denis Island, there are two special spots you definitely should visit and those are the Bois Blanc Beach and Belle Etoile beach. The first one is open to the sea where you can find turtles that come to lay their eggs,you can also encounter with eagle rays and reef sharks under the water.


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The second one is protected from the Indian Ocean by splendid coral reefs. Its shallow water is perfect for beginners and gives you the opportunity to swim with various species such as damselfish, butterflyfish, surgeonfish and many others. When it comes to Bird Island, it is home to a variety of species some of the most extraordinary being the green turtle and the skunk clownfish.

Overall, wherever you go you will definitely make good memories and enjoy your experience. The Seychelles archipelago has an outstanding marine life that certainly should be seen.

So enjoy it!

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