Top 5 beaches in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

Yanbu is known for having some of the best beaches in Saudi Arabia next to Jeddah & dammam. Beaches in Yanbu welcome people from all walks of life who gather to swim, relax on the golden sand, and take advantage of the phenomenal diving spots along the reef.

The beaches are a great escape from the city life as they also offers restaurants and cafes with beautiful and calm spots to enjoy family time. Beaches in Yanbu promises to provide amazing times for its visitors. So here are the beaches in Yanbu that will welcome and delight you.

1. Sunrise Beach


Sunrise Beach is a beautiful and clean beach, which is very suitable for families. It has good parking facilities, restrooms, and boating facilities too. It is a good choice for a night out as nearby you will find many restaurants.

2. Royal Commission Beach

Illustrative image of Royal Commission Beach, Jubail

Ariel View of Royal Commission Beach

This is a truly beautiful beach in Yanbu. It is an amazing place for kids, family, and friends as it offers a clean side park. The view is really awesome and you can spend some quality time enjoying the shade of the palm trees, or simply have fun in the lush grass around the place. It is a great spot to watch the sunset.

3. Waterfront Industrial Yanbu

Waterfront Industrial Yanbu

Red Sea @ Jubail, Saudi Arab

This place is wonderful to watch the sunset. It is a very calm and clean beach surrounded by green areas and palm trees. It is the perfect spot to chill with designated areas for swimming and ample parking. This area is also great for picnics as the restaurants nearby have high prices.

4. Al Ahlam beach

Al Ahlan Beach

Beach view @ Al Ahlan Beach

A beautiful private beach is provided by Al Ahlam Resort. It is a great choice to spend some quality time as they offer an outdoor pool and a shaded terrace. It is a resort dedicated to families only, so they obviously it will have a playground to keep the kids entertained. At the beach, it is possible to do Snorkeling and Scuba diving. At the resort, guests can also work out in the gym or relax on a lounger poolside. Just 10 minutes away by car you will find a shopping mall and many other things to enjoy the city.

5. Dolphin Beach Resort

dolphin beach resort

Resort View @ Dolphin Beach

This is a private beach belonging to Dolphin Beach Resort that faces the red sea. The resort features rooms with balconies overlooking the sea, a green landscaped pool area with a sun-lounger terrace, and all you might need for some relaxing days. The resort also has a playground to entertain the younger guests. It is also possible to fish and dive on site.

Yanbu might be a great beach getaway, either if you are looking for some quiet days or some fun in the water and many green areas around the beautiful beaches. It is a great destiny in Saudi Arabia.

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