5 Best beaches in Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Beaches in jubail, Saudi Arabia are famous for its golden sand shores . They are also distinguished with their vast green spaces, various children’s games area, toilets, mosques, cafes, and restaurants overlooking the Arabian Gulf. Here you will feel safe as there are patrols on every beach to avoid irregularities and even littering.

That’s why beaches in Jubail are so clean and pleasant. There are many beaches in Jubail with a wide offer of hotels and restaurants. It is a great destination for a beach getaway and it’s easy to find one beach that meets your needs. Here are some of the beaches in Jubail you can’t miss.

1. Al Nakheel Beach

Al Nakheel Beach, Jubail

Beautiful evening @ Al Nakheel Beach, Jubai, Saudi Arabia

Al Nakheel Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Jubail. It is a large beach full of life. It has many beautiful green areas and colorful fountains. You can enjoy a relaxing picnic with a beachfront view. There are many places for children to play and many restaurants nearby with great sea sight.

2. Dareen Beach

Dareen Beach

Ariel View of Beach @ Jubail, Saudi Arabia

This is a very popular beach among local families due to its playground where children can have fun. The beach gets more crowded during the evening as Saudi’s avoid the heat during the day. It is a great place to relax while watching the sunset.

3. Youth Beach

Youth Beach

Sea View of Youth Beach

Surrounded by lush grass and palm trees, this beach is a great spot for families. It has a large parking area just next to the beach. It is calm and clean and has some facilities to exercise. Along the beach, you will find wide sidewalks great for a lovely walk with sea view.

4. Al Fanateer Beach


Sea View of Al Fanateer Beach

Al Fanateer Beach has the title of the best beach in Jubail.
The beach is very clean and beautiful lined with palm trees. There are many green areas to enjoy a picnic or barbeque. There is a track the length of the beach which makes it a very good place for a walk. From here you can take a scenic cruise into the bay. Nightlife is also promising as Al Fanateer Beach is Located close to many stores, malls, hotels, restaurants, and cafes.

5. Coral Beach Cornice

Coral Beach

Sunset @ Coral Beach

This beautiful beach in Jubail offers a prayer room, it has many green areas to do a picnic or simply relax surrounded by palm trees. It is one of the widest cornices within Jubail and it is also a great fishing spot. If you want to enjoy a quiet ambiance you better visit in the morning, as in the evening families gather there.


There is a reason why beaches in Jubail are so popular because they are  worth it when you will visit Saudi Arabia.

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