Hi!!! Welcome to Huna.

We are Hussain & Nash, for some ‘Hu’ is an Indian Native and ‘Na’ is Filipino Native, that’s how Huna came into Existence.

Hello, I m Hussain Indian Native, finance professional, based in Dubai, Fascinated by the beauty of the world encouraged me to push myself and grab my bag to be a traveler. I started travelling to extend my thought and vision of whats within in every basket of each continents. I love to collect memories and pictures of every places that fulfill my cravings as traveler. Its time to express myself outside my comfort zone to embrace the beauty laying within the planet earth.


Hello I m Nash, pure Filipino, Finance professional working as a full time in Dubai. Working in a corporate world for a couple of years taught me that i should not chained myself repeatedly to my comfort zone rather i should uproot myself and break all rules and belief to spread my wings and see more out of the box. I m a fan of festivities and gathering where i can meet people to know their cultures and traditions. I started travelling to explore the other side of the world and for soul searching. I love to be a stranger in a new places, to be an alien in every edge of each continents. Outburst my emotions to engage the beauty within the planet earth.

Traveling is what makes two friends connect with each other and realize that there is nothing called Borders and Distances.

Huna Tells Stories about the beauty of places we visited, in addition, it also tells Cultural & Traditional Diversity of the Planet Earth, it is a platform of Communicating with the rest of the world, the importance of love, acceptance, and respect that connect us in every place we have been and allowed us to give views what’s within the beauty of each place.