5 Best Beaches in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Jeddah is a vibrant city, filled with fun activities, attractions and many different things to do & see . Visiting beaches in jeddah will be all alone a different kind of experience.

There are many beaches to relax in Jeddah, have fun, enjoy the warm water, or just admire its natural beauty. Jeddah offers from various private to beautiful public beaches and here’s the list of the best.

Indigo Beach

Indigo Beach

Resort view @ Indigo Beach, Jeddah

This is a private beach which is a part of Indigo Beach Resort, Jeddah. It is a luxurious getaway with all the calmness of a private place. The resort offer from apartments to bungalows right on the beach. Besides having a private paradise for yourself, the resort offers other ways to have fun like cascading waterfalls and infinity pools. They can also arrange boat trips around Jeddah.

Obhur Beach

Obhur Beach

Beach View of Obhur Beach

The beach has a wonderful view of the sea but no facilities. It’s a nice place to sit down and chill but it can be a bit crowded. Nearby, you will have several types of accommodation that ranges from luxurious to average costs and its standards.

Al Saif Beach

Al Saif Beach

Park view of Al Saif Beach

This beach is located in south Jeddah and it’s admired by the wonderful sunset. Here you can kayak, have a family barbecue or picnic on the grass. You can also do fishing or simply swim and relax while sunbathing. Neither boats nor watercraft obstructs the horizon and that’s also one of the reasons why it is known for the best sunsets with a clear view of the sea.

La plage

La plage,jeddah

Beach veiw of La Plaqu, jeddah

This is another private beach, part of La Plage Beach Resort. It is a family-friendly affordable option. They offer playgrounds for kids an indoor restaurant and health club, a pool with umbrellas, gorgeous green lawns, beach volleyball courts, and an outdoor coffee bar. The water is clean, but the beach is small. where you can also lawn on chairs under umbrellas. It is also a great spot for snorkeling.

OIA Beach

OIA Beach 

Resort View at OIA Beach

This is also a private beach from OIA Beach Resort. The resort has the particularity of being inspired by the Greek architect. Inside there are residential units and changing rooms, restaurants with international cuisine, Sushi Bar and Café. This beach in Jeddah has many other facilities to amaze you like a water parks. It is a tranquil escape from the bustling city.

Alexandria Beach

Alexandria Beach

Visitors @ Alexandria Beach

This is a wide public beach where you can go and swim as it offers the proper facilities to do so. It is a relatively new beach that opened so Saudi’s and tourists can enjoy their time on the sand.

Durrat Al-Arus

Durrat Al-Arus beach

Ski boat riders @ Durrat Al-Arus beach

This is the oldest private beach in Jeddah and it was the starting point for the increasing number of private beaches in Jeddah. Durrat Al-Arus resort is extremely popular among locals and families so please schedule in advance otherwise they might not have a place for you anymore.

Silver Sands beach

Silver Sands Beach

Visitors relaxing @ Silver Sands Beach

And another private beach in Jeddah is Silver Sands. This is the most famous beach for aquatic sports. Reservations are required. Expect a lot of fun and adventure, It is a beautiful place to relax in one of the most famous beaches in Jeddah.

Jeddah has incredible beaches although the city has many other things to offer its visitors. From snorkeling to fishing, swimming, or just relaxing, Jeddah beaches have for sure what you are looking for.

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